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  Chlorine Dioxid liquid

 Chlorine Dioxid liquid

 Chlorine Dioxide liquid


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Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Scence Society      
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【Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Science Society】

Invitation of ' Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Science Society'                   

April 4  2004                                                     

Sukegawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.                                           
CEO  Susumu Sukegawa
(chairperson of ' Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Scienece Society')                              

' Crisis is a way of lucky. '                                                  
Common sence is not always right answer.                                         

40 years management of chlorine dioxide business.                                   
We think about the above two phrase meaning through 26 years management of chlorine dioxide.       
(foundation October 1978 (S53) = Refernce of 化学工業会社録 by The chemical diary)             

Are there any after affect of WWU ? ・・・Japan is one of very minor countries which approve         
sodium hypochlorite as food additives.                                            
So, R&D of another chlorine oxidizing agent is not welcome in Japan.                        
Also, inquirey from industry is only 'approval', and there are no wide reaction.                    

In Japan, people and industry is always following after administration, otherwise, administration rarely announce test result first.

I find my phylosophy through chlorine dioxiede business.
Researchers! Now is the best timing of R&D and getting patent of chlorine dioxide.
300 patents have already registered, but the road is still very long.

How about getting treasure together?

How about confiding our patent administration to public authority for some period?

The group of ' the Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Society ' is livestock, food processing environment, environmental hygine group etc.



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 ○ Information of Annual Forum

・ The 9th Annual Forum in Kobe

・ Open Forum in Kyusyu Area

・ Open Forum in Tohoku Area

・ The 7th Annual Forum in Kobe

・ The 6th Annual Forum in Kobe

・ The 5th Annual Forum in Kobe

・ The 4th Annual Forum in Kobe

・ The 3rd Annual Forum in Kobe 

・ The 2nd Annual Forum in Kagoshima

・ The 1st Annual Forum Kobe


【Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Science Society】  Panel Discussion Forum
July 19. 2004 at Shinkobe Oriental Hotel
I appriciate for lots of attendance from all over Japan..