@@Chlorine Dioxid liquid

@Chlorine Dioxid liquid

@Chlorine Dioxide liquid

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@@@October 28@1978 (S 53)


@@@Susumu Sukegawa


After working at 'the Labor Science Laboratory ', Daisyowa Shiko Co., Ltd. , Daido industory Co., Ltd. etc ,
CEO Sukegawa founded the company by himself at the present location in August 1976.

He started to produce stabilized chlorine dioxide for deodorization and disinfection of human waste disposal plants, sewage
and garbage disposal plants and Podium Carbonate. Peroxy hydrate as bleach for cleaning and domestic use.

We also started to produce detergent, finish and glue etc. since 1978.
We have been producing powder and granules of stabilized chlorine dioxide.

These years new applied use such as resinous emulsion etc. Our business is growing rapidly.

As the only manufacturer of the product in Japan, we wish to contribute to society more widely.
Our customers of stabilized chlorine dioxide are ainly cities, towns and village and drinking water plants and sewage disposal plants.
We are trying to serve them with other related industrial chemicals.



@@Disinfection, Deodorization, Environmental purification


@@For raising, control of fish disease of flatfish, sea urchins, eels and locked salmons, rainbow routs and sweetfish etc.

ZAThe technology and products

@@1.@The disinfection method for the environment of vegetables and chicken processing

@@2.@The deodorization method for sewage disposal plants and exhaust gas from feed plants

@@3,@The method freshness preservation, disinfection and removal of excessive aldehyde and phenol from resinous emulsion.

@@4AThe method of preserventing the growth of water mold and slime in industrial use water and at river work sites.

@@TAThe method of disinfection prevention of water mold and freshness preservation of swimming pool water
@@@@and hot water of public baths.

@@UAThe disinfection method for stock raising, incubation, food processing hosipitals, elderly people's home and supermarkets.

@@VAThe method of disinfection and prevention of oxidation of fish tanks of fishing boats.

@@WAThe method of prevention of mold, disinfection and freshness preservation.