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2021 (Reiwa 3)

1. Greetings as Company

A Happy New Year!

Thank you for your cooperation all the time.
Best wishes for a new year.               
              1 January 2021
                Sukegawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.
                CEO Susumu Sukegawa

Do you have any trouble about microorganism, and do you know how to deal with that problems?
Please ask anything against virus, bacteria, algae, and mold!
We control every microorganism with our products.
By our products, we have controlled every microorganism that we have handled so far.

<Sukegawa Chemical’s Chlorine Dioxide>
〇 Stabilized chlorine dioxide 'BIOTALK®’
〇 Activated stabilized chlorine dioxide ’BIOSUKEGAWA®'
〇 Hyper activated stabilized chlorine dioxide  'BIOSTAFF®’
〇 Food additives: Sodium chlorite  'SUSUMUCHAN
〇 Activator only for SUSUMUCHAN : food additives'MF' (BIOWE+®) ‘MF-U’(BIOWE+®)(For meat and meat processed products)

<Related Technology>
● Activator ‘ME’(BIOUS+®) ‘MH-1’(BIOI+®) ‘MK’ ‘SK’
● Kit to measure ClO2 /ClO2 – concentration 'BioMe+®' (only for Sukegawa products)

Sukegawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.
【Kobe Office / Central Research Laboratory (Animal Hospital)】
   Murotani 2-7-10, Nishi-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo-ken 〒651-2241
【North Japan Office】Sapporo City  TEL/FAX: 011-512-2433
【Head Office】Kobe City  TEL/FAX: 078-581-9243
http://www.sukegawa.co.jp/  E-mail: bio@sukegawa.co.jp

We manufacture environmental hygiene products for livestock and aquaculture, food additives, bacteria removal
in human life and air deodorization.

2. Greetings from CEO Sukegawa

A Happy New Year!
I hope you start a wonderful new year.
Let me know how your life is these days.

Last year・・・
I have spent a lot of time at home and company. How did you spend your time?
Good chance has come! I decided to start golf practice with beginners’ spirit that I could not carry out so far for my busy schedule.
My goal is everyone always asks me to join, 'Let's go play golf together'.

Step to reach improve golf is ‘Knowledge → Behavior → Result’. My teacher tells me that ‘Improvement is to overcome what I couldn’t do before.’
There are 5 subject such as ‘Gear (Choose tools)’ ‘Swing Skill’ ‘Mental Image (What kind of me who I want to be.)’ ‘Course Management’ ‘Physical (Energy boost)’
Especially physical, I was depressed because I could not do push-ups even once although I set up my goals at 20 times. I set up one of my goal is to get younger and do push-ups 20 times!
My biggest challenge is to build my physical, I think.
This is also important to manage company.
Also, guidance of my teacher is good for company management. Golf is the key to start my new life!

My wife has been having irregular pulse. Fortunately, she overcame operation and becomes very fine to stay home alone now. On the way recovery, she has been hospitalized for spine fracture. During that period, I have been attended her all the time. I realize my happiness is that wife is fine, and live my ordinary life as usual.
Thank you for everything to all those who concerns.

45 years have passed since establishment of company. Fiscal year end of the last July posts its highest profit ever since last 10 years. There are still so many things I want to do. I must try hard for at least 50 years.

This year starts with many thanks to customers, company staffs and my family.
Best wishes,  

1 January 2021

Susumu Sukegawa (Date of Birth: May of 1938)    


2020 (Reiwa 2)

A Happy New Year!
I hope you start a wonderful new year.
Best wishes for a new year!
1 January, 2020  
My life of last year

  1. I establish a club named ‘KGC Shichigosankai’ which member is gentleman who are older than 75 and woman who are older than 57. Now, the number of members is 45. We enjoyed many events such as golf, dinner (Kobe Club), and trip (Hiroshima). I’m making a lot of friends.
  1.  Just for fun, I joined ‘Japan Hickory Players Championship’ (held in 28 of November at Naruo Golf Club). No doubt I’m in the lowest position!  Lol
  1.  I am still working for Sukegawa Chemicals Co., Ltd. as CEO. I will be working for another 50 years. I believe our technology of developing quasi drugs for animals will be complete soon or later!
  1. I broke my left wrist on March 3.

I could not play the golf and climb the mountain until November on the advice of my doctor. For the while, I have just asked myself, ‘What is your regret in your life so far? (cited from Sweet Bean (あん), Japanese movie)’ I thank for my life because I still can talk with my friends, sing a songs, walk, read and write.

Susumu Sukegawa (Born in May of 1938)

2019 (Heisei 31)

A Happy New Year!
Thank you for your coorperation all the time.
I hope you spend a wonderful year.

            1 January, 2019   
            Sukegawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.
            CEO Susumu Sukegawa

◎ Last year, we have developed several new applications of our products. The goal of this year is to tap new field with this technology.

◎ Pamphlet of our company is revised. This is the pamphlet which you can understand our products devending on the purposes with data and picture . There is also information about the new results of R&D.

◎We are preparing for Sukegawa Library at Seishinminami station along Kobe Municipal Subway. There are many kinds of not only R&D results since foundation (41 years history since foundation), but also technical magazines and ordinary books.
We hope you to visit.


A Happy New Year !

I always thank you for your special consideration.
What kind of dreams and goals have you made for this new year ?

Sukegawa Chemicals Co., Ltd. has been established for 40 years.
We grasp and solve the customer's problems through studying
and manufacturing bacteria removal agent, sterilization chemicals, deodorizing,
anti-mold agent and freshness keeping agent.

Last year we could apply 12th patent application (early request),
which water mold patent had been experimented for 12 years.
After it being decided on March, we will apply international patent
application. We also have been preparing for new international
patents application.

Next 'Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Science Society' is 10th anniversary.
To make more flourished one, we are struggling for next spring open.

May wish you a wonderful year !    1. 1. 2015  sheep                                             

We do the best to get new patents and improve environment for people and animals
through manufacturing food additives, approval of developing quasi drug for animals and veterinary medical service.


A Happy New Year, 2006 !

Last February, Sukegawa Chemicals got patent, 'Bacteria removal method using chlorine dioxide agent with ultrasonic irradiation' (Patent No. 3649672・・・Expiration of Patent Term),
and we got some certain feeling and possibilities about the future of chlorine dioxide through tryng to new field.
We still have been trying hard with new ambition. Moreover, further application about new patents is under application.

For 'Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Science Society', the annual forum was held at Kagoshima with many members and guests from all over Japan.
At the research presentation, it was a good information-exchange chance through many presentation from many kinds of professionals.
We also could obsere the Japanese meet processing factory.

' Distribution strategy group ' which is the group to make 'Safe and Safety' sales sysetem as the Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Science Society was newly set up this year ,and 1st meeting was held in Kobe.
The Society is growing better and better. Thank you for your support.
Next meeting is in October 2006 at Kobe.

Kinds of threat such as bird flu, koi herpes virus, new ulcer disease, legionella, O-157 will be expanding this year.
We believe the necessity, power of 'Sukegawa Chemicals Chlorine Dioxide (=「助川化学の二酸化塩素®」)' and produce the products with resopnsibility.

January 1, 2006 (H18)

A Happy New Year !

I express my condolence for victims suffered from tyhoon, flood and Cyuetsu earthquake etc.
I am sorry for my insufficiency.

41 science society members such as doctor, vet, researcher, and distributor attended to the Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Science Society in Kobe (July) last year.
Utopia for top academic people has been stareted.
After that, some professionals from university of agriculture and veterinary medicine, mutual benefit society, dairy cooperative joined and there are growing more enjoyment and future in the future.

We are preparing for South Japan Office for next fall open considering the academic assembly by the Japanese Society of Veterinary Science opened in Kagoshima.The acceptance will start around spring.
The tour of meet-processing factory is also being arranged by science society members

Fortunately, there are 10 patents now. (including collaboration with members) (request examination)

That is (1) using chlorine dioxide agent with ultrasonic irradiation(Expiration of Patent Term), (2) vaccine development (Expiration of Patent Term), (3) new Bactericidal agent, (4)livestock drinking,
(5)coccidium teratment, (6)legionella treatment, (7)Treatment of mastitis of stock , (8)treatment of livestock uteritis, (9)bacteria control of wet wipe, (10 )hyper actibated stabilized chlorine dioxide.
New 2 patents are under preparation.

May 24, our sub-head manager (doctor of agriculture) of Sukegawa Chemical's central research laboratory will make research presentation about chlorine dioxide at the Society for Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents, Japan.

A Happy New Year, 2005 !

Susumu Sukegawa

You start a cheerful and hopeful new year.

Last year many customers of colored carp and livestock field suffered from tyhoon and big earthquake.
I hope it will be a peaceful year by overcoming the last disaster this year.

You must have a new departure, new meeting and growth.
I hope there are hot and lucky news such as health, job, family, hobby, plan and boastful talk.
Last year my private letter couldn't be delivered, so I write this letter now.

Myself ・・・ my health was almost completely recovered and I was trying to play golf again.
But there are no qualification to attend the formal competition without a handicap due to my long absence.
In order to get a handicap again, I have to go about 20 times. It will make my golf mates hesitant, so give up.
For fishing, it is ok by putting on a life jacket during afternoon. For drawing, I still have a break.
For tea ceremony, URASENKE, my mastera worries about me for my absence but I manage to promote.

Job ・・・ 'Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Science Society ' was held with 47 members from all over Japan in last July in Kobe.
We are preparing for South Japan Office for next fall open considering the academic assembly by the Japanese Society of Veterinary Science opened in Kagoshima.
And tour of meat-processing factory.

High school Japanese textbook, 'Gendaibun' whcih put my sun's novel is still used next year.The novel on 'Bungeisyunjyu magazine (文芸春秋)' is not recommended due to the scariness.
'JIBUNSOUDAN (自分相談)' in 'ダ・カーポ' is interesting for the sexualism and dirty‐minded straight story.

My wife operated intestinal obstruction after having graduated from Keio University. After having break for 1 year, she staretd her own life by writing novel etc. I am sorry for her because she stress so much for creating difficulties, sterss from selfish (?) husband.

To everyone : Customers and staffs of Sukegawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.

A Happy New Yar In order to be a brilliant group !.

Sukegawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Susumu Sukegawa

January 1st, 2003

1. Beginning

The new year has just started. A lot of bankruptcy will be occured.
What will be happening ?

' Your future will be decide what you are doing now (貴方の未来は、いま何をしているかで決まる)' written by Kaoru Nakajima (中島薫).
I couldn't expect this very deteriorating economy at that time when I was writing this draft last year at all.
If I decrease contra asset such as bad debt, the economy will be revived naturally. I have believed this and was teached this by statesman.
This theory says, if all of debt is gone, everyone starts shopping again.
So, throw the debt away, creditor ! You are helped by tax in bad case. Consequently, I had believed that the good and duty was to bear pain.
Soon or later, brilliant prospected economy will be coming back by being stimulated demand, investing in real estate and stock. Even if it takes long.
I have believed that Asian dream will be revived in Asian and world economy.
Graduall, a debt called a bad debt is increasing, and general solution is helpless, so we have to keep long economy depression in mind.
Big bad debt is not bad・・・.
We have to reflect the resaon.

Considering our client, '' Success teaches us about failure. ''
That means the following bad spiral. After the success, enriching facilities, and advanced competition by mass production, so trying to make much more profit. However, the simple-produce facilities finally oppress the company business once lower demand and smaller consumption causes.
The department store magic which makes good sales for numerous products is trap. The big money is required to dissolving, arrangement and reduction.
That's why bankruptcy continues.

2. Beginnin how should Sukegawa Chemicals Co., Ltd. overcome ?

I cannot go bankrupt Sukegawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.
For long depression, we have to challenge with the small body. For lower demand, we do our best by unique field which make maintenance and R&D expenditure at a small sales. 'Express thanksness for clients・・・understand satisfing and rely and do it myself. Not rely on others. '' That is the only way. In another word, 'Going my way.'

We have to keep in mind that ''What kind of society fields need and us?, ' What kind of things should we do to make society happy?'
Walk along mountain. Do not walk along a front tree. Go with my group. Ask myself the reasons all the time when something bad and good things happen.
Consequently, let's read the last year's my expression. Reflection...

Last year, I thought the following.
Think myself and take inititive. Do something serious. Pay myself and study.
People who make salary are professional.・・・Understand the way of life as professional.

Manufacuring Section・・・Stock management, transport all products with inspection sheet.
General Affairs Section・・・Expect CEO and do things forward.
Research Section・・・Find our only chlorine dioxide world in the big disinfectant (food additives) and bacteria elimination world.
Myself (CEO)・・・No sales people business is the best due the business scale, field and development style.
Take inititive and go into danger at first everytime.
Call the clients to Kobe by fresh appealing information. Do the best to hold seminar by our real technology, not rental one.
Reflecting my year, this mind was right. I could make it come true.

All of products were transported with inspection sheet.
We could hold the seminar with 470 clients, distributor and staffs in 5/10(Sapporo), 5/18(Morioka), 6/4 (Tosu), 6/7 (Okayama), 9/4 (Nagoya).
It was a big success.

The empoyees quit・・・New mebmers come.
Unclear fulltime staff style was abolished. So, I can give 12 months bonus at a good sales results.

There are now 5 offices by opening new two offices in Sapporo (North Japan Office) and Kagoshima (South Japan Office).

Fortunately, we could make almost the best profit and new dream (way).


3. New Dream

To be the No.1 at one field in the world by keeping the way, studying more and specializing.
There are 30 years business history for stabilized chlone dioxide (SCD), activated SCD and related technology.
Fortunately, chlorine dioxide has limit to use as food additives unless chlorine dioxide is approved as food additives.
Generally, people think chlorine dioxide is not appropriate for food processing.

For this reasons, large companies cannot start business in this field. It is good for Sukegawa Chemicals.
The profit is small because mass production and sales is not suitable to chlorine dioxide business.

Only small businesscan start business in this field・・・Only us can do that.

Below patents is now just under request for examination, but pass is alomost certain due to no other same ones.
Our technolgy is strong points.

We finished applying following three patents, '' Vaccine for preventing 'New ulcer disease in colored carp' (Patented, Sukegawa Chemicals・・・Expiration of Patent Term), '' Feeding of drinking water to cattle'' (Kokai, collaboration with one certain teacher), ''Killing of coccidium'' (Patented, Sukegawa Chemicals), and ''Bactericidal agent'' (Kokai, collaboration with one certain company) etc.

We have been preparing. From now we want to make our business open once technology open has been starting.

We want to do collaboration research and patents application with with clients by making contract in advance and renting our ultarsonic irradiation (Expiration of Patent Term).

Results and profits are for all of people who try.
In order to avoid troubles, we make ''Bio-Sukegawa Hygiene Scienece Society'' which make some rules.


4. Order to CEO

'' Foolish leader is worsen than enemy (馬鹿大将、敵より怖い) '' ・・・ Not welcome.
Now is the time ・・・ Be inititive and sensitive to find potential demand at the site.

Right things ? Required things ? ・・・ Never cling to administration, rules and approval.
Really? ・・・ move to check ・・・ important thing is not stick to authority.

Information control is also keys ・・・ people approach, but everyone is not clients.

Ignore if need. Go into if necessary.
Keep smile and innocense for new people.
However, keep in mind we are fighting.


5.Beginning To Keep Innocence

I have been just taking in selfish-satisfaction. First of all, I don't even pretend to listen to unless interesting love story of woman.
I am just talking alone without being impressed by others. Something is still missing to be a man.
To think differently, woman-favorite learning might make me mild, gentle and musculine man・・・?
Last July, 2002, I joined ' Urasenke- tea ceremony (裏千家茶道) '.
Tea ceremony is a learning to know the way of tea drinking. It is enough to learn for one month in order to study rules.

Surprising ! Tea ceremony is for man. Tea ceremony is not only for drinking tea.
How to bow, walk, sit down, enter and exit. I rethought how difficult to make a good relationships with people from these manners.
My learning has just started from the very beginning.

Sennorikyuu(千利休) established the way of tea ceremony although he is not the founder.
There is '' Rikyuu Nanasoku (Seven rules of Sennnorikyuu, 利休七則) '' .

@ 花は野にある様 (Flower at grass)
A 炭は湯の煮うる様 (charcoal in hot water)
B 服は加減の良き様に (good clothes feeling)
C 夏は涼しく、冬はあたたかに (Cool summer, Hot winter)
D 刻限は早めに (timelimit is earlier)
E 降らぬとも雨用意 (Preapare for rain)
F 相客に心をつけ候 (host customer with heart)

No details explanation now, but that says the different way of thought. Considering this lesson, I changed my way and thought for clients, groups and work. (If you are interested, please ask professionals of tea ceremony or another ones.)

Teaceremony is not the learning to know way of drinking. Clients doesn't need any manner・・・ all of things are free.
Manner is for people who host.

In order to host guests with heart, we prepare following things. Standing bow at central research laboratory, wind furnace at head and Kagoshima office, and informal tea ceremony preparation at Kobe and Sapporo.

Seven rules sounds nothing special. But it is impossible for me to do this. Just try to approach.
At midnight, I sometimes do tea ceremony alone. During that, I come up with job idea and ambition.

I cannnot fish and stop golf with 15 hadicap.

In this January, I start caligraphy and painting・・・hope to write my name with writing brush.

This spring, I bought three Tanka, Japanese poem textbooks.

Still now I do my job. Enjoyable hard chlorine dioxide business will start on January 6th.
Everything is long road. I hope everyone becomes happy with our research, manufacturing and so on.



Customer and Staffs of Sukegawa Chemicals Co., Ltd. .

January 1st, 2002

Susumu Sukegawa


1. Beginning

The trouble around Afghanistan, the Middle and Near Eat, Pakistan and India is getting serious since the last terrosim.
The social background is conflict and expansion with Isram fundamentalism vs. free market fundamentalism of American dream, and the distortion.
The gap between rich and poor is growing and the poor is increasing. So there are no solution.

There are no ways to heal terrorism victims because criminals are not caught.
Consequently, no method to prevent re-difficulties.

In Japan, birth rate decreases from 9.5 to 9.3 per 1000 people. The total population becomes one fourth after three generations.
Also, divorce rate records the worst rate, and it happens within two minutes. Weired number.

Japanese economy is way of depression spiral and decreasing gradually. Surprising weak yen.
Unemployment is from 5.5 to 6.6. Financial institute can not deal with bad debt alone and ask help to the nation.
Even so, lots of bankrupcy of banking institution is being expected until the end of March. The warrant of 10,000,000 of a time deposit is unexpected.
The government give up supervising finance and change mind to judge the financial institution alone.
How civil people can judge banks by financial balance and invest etc ?


U. What should we do ?

Only way is that 'think yourself and do it yourself.
It is more important to keep Individual social security than national one.
What should we do at the company ? It was my problem.
The point is it is that no meaning if we work for Japan and UN now.
But everyone have to do something with each bankbooks. It is similar to Meiji restration.
Let's think what we can do as Sukegawa Chemicals staffs.


1、Do something serious to be a man.

Asahina Takashi (朝比奈隆) passed away on December 29.
On December 23, I listened to ' Beethoben's 9th ' conducted by Michiyoshi Inoue of Osaka Philrarmonic Orchestra at Kobe International House.
It was just for my annnual music event.
However, I was completely impressed by enthusiastic conductor, group and singers.
(The music was a kind of condolence for Mr. Asahina who was sick.)

During the music event, I thought that 'the music is very my company's future・・・'. How about visiting this kind of music event by yourself ?
Not only professional but also beginner's smaller music is also recommend. You must know what is professional by enthusiastic strong music.

What kind of things CEO want to say ? CEO is not satisfied with staffs who just work.
My wish is that everyone tries to be professional together for a company.


2. My wish to be manufacturing professional staffs

Sukegawa Chemicals examine quality inspection of all products by concentrations and pH examination etc. before shipping.
From this year, all of products are transported with quality inspection sheet and invoice (including 1? smaller size and 200kg drum size)
Do that before clients hope to us. It requires sensible manufacturing and stock management syetem. Our competitor and contract manufacturer can't do that service. This policy is suitable for Sukegawa Chemicals which are medium size and one kind products manufacturer.
Quality is more important than quantity. This real service guarantee effect, economy, safety and sence of security of clients.
For all kinds of products, we pay the best attention and do our best for manufacturing and shipping.


3.My wish for general affairs professionall

Sukegawa Chemicals do all of general affairs like accounting, sales staffs assistant, manufacturing management and CEO secretary etc with small group.
For details・・・ polite way of speaking, check everything again and again, proper message to CEO by listening to carefully,
         delivery card issue, account paper issue, proper delivery, quick and right payment,
         Pay attention to company environment, do what CEO wish before


4.How do I behave ?

As ususal, No salesman, No products catalog.
Instead, deliver good message in the world.
Webpage maintenance, continuous uploading, make our policy clear.
Once we get something inquiry, let's ansewer with sincerity for pleasure, new expectation and continuous growth.
Last year, sales record was the almost best results in Sukegawa's history because of foot-and-mouth disease, BSE, Bacillus anthracis, salmonella, vancomycin resistant bacteria and MRSA outbreak.
Sukegawa's strength is that no debt, full facility and own real estate (office) so on.

Be reliable manufacturer

Company's growth relies on CEO.
CEO have to study, respect sign of agreements and grow humanity with gentleness and strictness.

Sukegawa Chemicals might be the best chlorine dioxide (and related technology) company in the world although the field is small.

So do what I said at first.
From January 2002, all of products must be shipped with quality inspection sheets.
I started this business alone 30 years ago. 25 years ago, Only Sukegawa Chemicals did this business.
Now lots of companies start chlorine dioxide business.・・・ That's good.

We have to make better service and develop related technology more and more.

There are numerous same kind products such as disinfectant, sterilization chemicals, antibacterial in Japan.
It is not good to compete with them very hard. We have to understand each good points like speciality and economy.

All we have to do is find our unique field we can grow.
For example, it is easy to get sodium hypochlorite due to the cost performance etc.
However, if there are any other organic matters in sodium hypochlorite, it is impossible to check the concentrations by no bacteria elimination effect.

Sukegawa knows the solution. This year is the first year when we can grow.

Never make a big success. That means failure. We want to be your best partner.